My Story

Hi, my name is Anna Saldana. 

Filipino by birth, lived for more than half my life in the USA, and now based in Canada. Me, myself and I, own and run this artisanal hand dyed small business. It is something I've wanted to do for the longest time.

My journey down this hand dye rabbit hole was driven by a desire for self expression. And, honestly?  I hand dye to inspire you, because I am inspired by you. I create artisanal yarn as a way to share the joy that colors can evoke and, in turn, bring out the creative in you. 

I have always been surrounded by art and color. My earliest introduction to the arts and the world of color was through my dad, who was an artist and a painter. My happiest memories were of him, my sisters and I painting many weekends together when we were young.

My grandmother was a crafter extraordinaire. She would take me to crafting classes (because no one else wanted to) and we would craft things together during the summer months when school was out. Embroidery, macrame, flower making... you name it, we probably tried it!

My profession consisted of bits and bytes (computers), then fifty shades of grey (ultrasound sonography). But ever since I can remember, I have always loved color and creative activities... and, now here I am, come full circle!

Color is my happy place. Painting colorways that make my heart sing is my way of giving that happiness back to the world.

It was a natural progression to go from teaching myself to crochet, to knit, to spin and then to hand dyeing yarn and fibre. With the help of You Tube and some wonderful individuals so good at their craft, I got to where I am today... doing what I love... and still learning! Now I am sharing that love with you. 

Please look around and, hopefully, be inspired to create your very own work of art and self expression. What could be better? My yarn and your skills forming a creative flow!

I am so happy you're here and read a little bit of my story. And, if you are wondering what's in my business name...  Nina was my middle sister who passed on unexpectedly in 2017. She was a writer extraordinaire, an artist in her own right. This is how I honour her memory. 

Thank you for supporting Oh Nina! Hand Dyed Fibres. This minority owned, small business gives me the opportunity to grow as a fibre artist, share the joy I derive from it, and make an honest living out of it.  I wouldn't be able to do it without your patronage and generosity!

Let's get creative!

Anna -xo-