Rolags are very portable fibre preparations perfect for on the go spinning, and especially for spindle spinners! And they don't get in the way of your spindle or your spinner.

Traditional rolags are generally a woollen type of fibre preparation where all the fibres lie arranged in all different directions and cross each other. These are best used for woollen types of spinning, like using the long draw for a warm and lofty woollen yarn. But it can also be used for worsted types of spinning, like using the short draw, for a semi-woollen yarn.  The rolags may contain different types of fibres and were created using a tool called a blending board or a drum carder.

Oh Nina! Rolags are created a little differently and are called puni style rolags, created on a blending board, where most of the fibres are rolled in the same direction. It is still considered a woollen preparation but is less airy and it makes for a smoother and stronger semi woollen yarn.

These beautiful little rolls are spun from either end as is, or after predrafting by gently lengthening the rolag to about 2-3 times its length. The colors you see on the rolag's length is generally representative of the color progression you will see on your yarn. BUT, some of my rolags have hidden color pops that will not be visible until the rolag is spun.